Sunday, 29 January 2012

La Gente Esta Muy Loca!

This is not going to be a proper post as I'm just too lazy. Nearly every Saturday I spend with my friends ('coz they are great). This weekend was no different! As we took some photos for Courtney's photography and Stevie's Art, I decided to share them with youu;) My outfit is nothing special, just some flowery shorts with tights ('coz its freaking cold), over sized t-shirt and sweater, my Barbour jacket and low Dr. Martens. Also you will be able to see my friends outfits and they have amazing styles, especially Courtney, Mary and Angelica. This time Daniela didn't take any photos as she was busy with her boyfriend therefore this post is entirely mine. MUAHAHAHA.....!

....Anyways, hope you like it. Please leave a comment, especially on how we can improve. At the end I added some random photos of me and my friends just out and about:D Treat them as bloopers <3

Just me, you can kinda see my outfit:)

Me and Mary<3 Her outfit was so nice! (PS I want her Creepers!) 

Me, Mary and Stevie (who was wearing Ciarans hat) <3

One of the random photos with colour. You can see my hair, the back of me and Roberts skateboard <3

You can see the front of my outfit and my pretty shorts <3

This top wasn't originally mine, I stole it from my uncle! Men's clothes all the way! <3

Me and my beautiful girl Angelica! You can see my sweater thingy!

From the left: Me, Mary, Charlie, Daniela and Stevie! <3

'Coz I simply love them to bits! <3

Stevie was doing her contrast coursework <3 

Callum wearing a gas mask and making us laugh while we were trying to take serious photos <3 

Robert is a don! <3

From the left:D Some random kid, me, Mary, Charlie and Daniela <3


Me, Courtney and Stevie decided to take a photo with a random guy that fell asleep in McDonalds <3

Let me know what you think,